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Easy to use HBM manual test solution

Titan is an easy to use, low cost Human Body Model (HBM) manual test solution.  It can be used for design, engineering, and characterization of your devices, and is a direct replacement for the now obsolete Model 700. 

Titan Features

Low Parasitic 2-Pin Testing

Meets the current ESDA/JEDEC requirements for a Low Parasitic HBM Tester, which reduces the number of stress pulses needed for device classification.

Easy Text Fixture Board

An easy to install test fixture board with a wide blade 48-pin DIP socket is included.

Huge Voltage Range

With a voltage range from 50V to 8kV (250V to 16kV optional), the Titan has the largest testing range of any low parasitic tester. The higher voltage range is used in the automotive industry as well as government facilities, including the Army and the Navy.

Convenient Form Factor

The Titan is a small self-contained unit that fits on your workbench.

Easy to Use

Simple and easy to use. Imports waveforms quickly and efficiently.

Free Version

Want to find out more?

Schedule a demo and learn more about Titan.

Titan Specifications

System Features 

  • 48-Pin socket (Up to 128-Pin optional)

  • Safety interlock cover

  • Rugged construction - No glass relays or hazardous material. 

  • Contains no mercury.

HBM Specification Detail

  • ANSI/JEDEC/ESDA JS001-2017

  • AEC Q100-002 REV-E

  • JEITA ED-4701/300 Method 304

Operating Range

  • Operating: 40 F to 95 F (5 C to 35 C)

  • Non-Operating: -40 F to +140F (-40C to +60C)

  • 10-80% RH non-condensing

High Voltage Supply

  • Voltage range 50 to 8,000

    • 250 to 16,000 optional​

  • Positive, Negative, or Both polarities

  • Voltage resolution 1 volt

Power Requirements

  • 100-240 VAC single phase

  • 50 - 60 Hz, 0.5 A (max)


  • 19.5" (w) x 14.5" (l) x 9" (h)

  • 49.5cm (w) x 37cm (l) x 23cm (h)

  • 32 lb

  • 14.5 kg

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