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Grund Technical Solutions (GTS) was established in 2008 and is considered a leading supplier of ESD Testing and Simulation equipment. The GTS Management Team has over 50 years experience in the field of design, development and manufacturing of ESD testing solutions.

GTS manufactures a series of modular standard products and develops and manufactures customer-specific (custom) ESD test equipment. Established customers and partners include multiple Tier 1 IDMs, fabless semiconductor companies and independent testing facilities. GTS is located in Silicon Valley with offices and engineering facilities in Milpitas, CA.

Technical innovation is a company characteristic. GTS has a proven track record of innovation, reliable products and responsive customer technical and service support established through close collaboration with customers.

Senior staff are active, contributing members of the respective ESD Standards bodies and working groups, and are well informed of current needs, trends and opinions in ESD testing.


Our Leadership Team


Evan Grund - Technical & Consulting 

Phone: 408-216-8364x102

Email: engineering@grundtech.com

Roger Watkins - Support & Operations 

Phone: 408-216-8364x103

Email: support@grundtech.com

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