A flexible and efficient ESD tester capable of testing devices and wafers 


PurePulse is a flexible and efficient ESD tester capable of testing devices and wafers.  PurePulse generators include: Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM), Transmission Line Pulsing (TLP), Very Fast Transmission Line Pulsing (VF-TLP) and Human Metal Model (HMM).


Its 2-pin style setup reduces tester parasitics, it captures waveform data, and can be automated to test thousands of pins.  Our PurePulse system was designed from the ground up to be customized to meet your testing needs, take a look at the features below and schedule a demo with us to learn more.

Why choose GTS?

Innovative and new performance features

GTS offers innovative and new performance features that have been developed with industry leaders, who often have special requirements for their leading-edge products.  We have built TLP systems with unique features for companies including Intel and T.I. and have co-authored papers with organizations like IBM and RFMD (Qorvo).

Flexible probes and TLP configurations

While other companies supply their own probes or only support one brand, GTS can adapt testing to use many commercial probes.  Based on the probe type used, we can provide TDR, TDR-O, TDR-S, TDRT and TDT configurations to meet specific needs such as high voltage parts and MEMS.

Pioneers in the use of Kelvin probes


GTS's Evan Grund wrote the first paper on Kelvin probes for TLP, paving the way for this technique to become almost universally accepted as the best way to measure voltages accurately with both TLP and VF-TLP.  Our VF-TLP focuses on the use of Kelvin probes which we have refined over the years to avoid contact resistance effects. Unless Kelvin probing is used, contact resistance will always be present regardless of the materials used, and will always vary, preventing accurate calibrations and affecting measurements.

Flexible software

GTS has always focused on providing capable and flexible software. This has allowed us to easily adapt to special measurements such as incorporating multiple bias supplies, function generators, different oscilloscopes, and network analyzers. 

Modularity and Expandability

At GTS we have built our TLP systems as modules based on PurePulse family architecture. This means that GTS systems with both TLP and VF-TLP share a control computer and resources such as high voltage supply and SMUs. Other companies that configure their TLP and VF-TLP systems as two separate complete, stand-alone systems require two computers and two scopes in addition to the two pulsers. 


GTS PurePulse systems are based on modules, with each module containing a single-board computer.  All modules, scopes, and other equipment communicate on a local network using TCP/IP for reliability.  Other ESD pulse measurement modules (HMM, HBM, and MM) can also be added.  GTS’s design also allows test waveform switching under computer control without the need to re-cable the test system for different tests.


We integrate our equipment with probe stations, and have GTS has added equipment to Suss, FormFactor (Cascade Microtech) and other prober suppliers. Our partnership with Signatone offers turn-key ESD Workbench systems for automated wafer and packaged part testing.  Maestro software can control the probe station motions and also drive motorized positioners. 

PurePulse Features

HBM (Human Body Model

Relays are mechanical, they will eventually fail. Relay testers can't guarantee what stress was delivered to your part or that any stress was applied at all. PurePulse HBM records the voltage and current applied to your part during every pulse so you can rest assured a proper test was performed.

TLP (Transmission Line Pulse)

Any TLP test that you need to perform, PurePulse has you covered. Pulse widths and risetimes are easily software selectable. Simply define the tests you need and click go. Add the full automation available with all pulsers in the Olympus family and dramatically increase your productivity while simplifying your workflow.

VF TLP (Very-Fast Transmission Line Pulse)

The engineers at GTS continue their history of innovation in the TLP market with the true reflection cancellation. When a TLP pulse is delivered to an ESD test structure the typical response is to shunt this to a ground, effectively looking like a short. This causes a reflection that is sent back to the pulser, which is re-reflected back to the part. This can cause undue stress and may cause failures, the PurePulse VF-TLP can eliminate these reflections unlike other testers which simply attenuate them. The PurePulse VF-TLP system can be used on any device, packaged, bare die, or wafer. GTS offers integration with coax, kelvin, and RF probe needles and probe cards. This makes the PurePulse VF-TLP system a great fit for any and all of your testing needs.

HMM (Human Metal Model)

A truly accurate IEC 6100-4-2 tester. If you are using a gun to test package parts you are not getting a reliable and repeatable test. Because small variances in the EM fields of the test setup have a large effect on the generated waveform it is difficult to maintain repeatability from test to test and virtually impossible to maintain between different operators and test sites. The PurePulse HMM delivers compliant pulses through a coaxial cable eliminating these issues.

MM (Machine Model)

Relays are mechanical, they will eventually fail. Relay testers can't guarantee what stress was delivered to your part or that any stress was applied at all. PurePulse MM records the voltage and current applied to your part during every pulse so you can rest assured a proper test was performed.

Wafer Level Testing

PurePulse's 2-pin style probes are ideally suited to test wafers. Save time and expense by testing before packaging.

Unlimited Pin Count

PurePulse systems interface with Flying Probes to enable testing of an unlimited number of Pin Pairs within a 100x100mm area. As your devices change and grow, our probes will be able to continue testing them.

Modular for Expansion and Customization

Build the system you need today, customized to your testing requirements. Add pulse generators, automation, and/or new probing options to meet future needs.

Low Parasitic 2-Pin Testing

No fixtures required, ever! All ESD waveforms are delivered by a 2-Pin method, supporting the latest ESD test standards.

Software Controlled Pulser Switching

No cabling or hardware changes are needed, ever! You can test your parts with HBM, TLP, HMM, and MM without ever modifying the PurePulse equipment. Our smart router technology automatically selects the pulser and ensures that all signal paths to the measurement equipment is correct automatically, so you can spend your time testing and not setting up the equipment.

DUT Response Measurement & Display

Verifiable testing - ESD/TLP waveforms are recorded by an oscilloscope, and a high resolution Source-Meter automatically detects failure level.

Manual & Automated Testing

Test individual DUTs with 2 probes, or automatically test your entire device or wafer with an optional probe station. Automation with a probe station uses flying probes for package testing and a semi-automatic chuck for wafer testing.

Automatic Report Generation

GTS's Maestro software exports your data to Excel or text formats. Custom export scripts can be tailored to match your workflow.

Unified Software Interface

GTS's Maestro software provides control of all GTS equipment as well as third party equipment to facilitate automated testing. The same software is used regardless of which GTS product or configuration you use, leading to reduced training time. Maestro is installed on the included Microsoft Windows PC, and can also be installed on your workstation for offline analysis.

PurePulse Specifications


  • Max Voltage +/- 4kV (option to 8kV)

  • 2-Pin style DUT contact

  • Voltage and Current waveforms recorded



  • Max Voltage +/- 1kV

  • Pulse Width: 100ns (option for other pulse widths)

  • Rise Time: 2ns, 10ns (option for other rise times)

  • Voltage and Current waveforms recorded


  • Max Voltage +/- 750V

  • Pulse Width: 1ns, 2ns, 5ns, 10ns

  • Rise Time: 100ps

  • (VF-TLP cannot be combined with other pulsers on a single PurePulse system)


  • Max Voltage +/- 16kV

  • 2-Pin style DUT contact

  • Voltage and Current waveforms recorded


  • Max Voltage +/- 400V

  • 2-Pin style DUT contact

  • Current waveform recorded

DC Leakage

  • 100pA floor

DC Bias

  • Up to 10 Bias supplies

  • +/- 40V

Motorized Positioners

  • Signatone FP-100 positioners

  • 100mm x 100mm working envelope

Wafer Testing

  • Signatone Semi-Automatic Probe Station

PurePulse Dimensions

  • 17.5” (w) x 14.5” (l) x 12.5 - 24” (h)

  • 44cm (w) x 37cm (l) x 32 - 61cm (h)

Probe Station Dimensions

  • 27” (w) x 30” (l) x 22” (h)

  • 69cm (w) x 76cm (l) x 56cm (h)

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PurePulse Platform

PurePulse HBM

PurePulse TLP

PurePulse VF-TLP

PurePulse MM

PurePulse HMM

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