Analyze HBM and CDM waveforms from virtually any source. 

WaveAppraise is a modern, efficient tool for analyzing HBM and CDM tester waveforms from virtually any source. It can be used independently to verify tester waveforms and is included with GTS PurePulse and Scorpion systems. Download the free version or contact us for information on the premium version.

WaveAppraise Features

Save Time

Significantly reduces the time on your routine waveform checks.

Easy to Use

Simple and easy to use. Imports waveforms quickly and efficiently.

Check Your Data

WaveAppraise reports all of the critical data on your JS-001 and JS-002 waveforms.

Open Source

Calculations are open-source for industry transparency & verification.

Export Data

Exports to PDF reports, pictures or text.

Free Version

View and check your HBM and CDM waveforms with a free version.


Sample import data files

WaveAppraise imports waveform files captured from an oscilloscope, the most common format for these files being CSV. Click the link to download example sets of CSV files that meet the requirements.

Sample exported data files

WaveAppraise exports analysis data to several different formats including PDF, PNG, XML, and CSV.  Click the link to download example sets of exported data.


Quick Start Guide

Download the WaveAppraise Quick Start Guide to get started.

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