A new generation of CDM testers.

Scorpion opens a new generation of CDM testers.  It is designed to meet the new JS-002 standard and features Contact First pulse delivery. This patent pending technique of Contact CDM (CCDM) meets the latest CDM standards with higher accuracy for device classification.  

It is the easiest CDM tester to setup and use.  The open DUT stage is larger and more flexible than older generations of CDM testers.  The single high definition camera and joy stick makes X-Y alignment fast and automatic Z measurement.

Scorpion Features

Legacy CDM

Discharge Head

The Legacy CDM Head is the traditional design approach to CDM device testing.  Dual high resolution cameras are used to align the Device Under Test (DUT).

Contact-First CDM

Discharge Head

An enclosed air spark environment produces a stable pulse with high repeatability unique to Scorpion.  Since contact is made first, sparking to the wrong ball is eliminated.

JS-002-2014 Compliant

Both the Legacy and Contact First Scorpion CDM Discharge heads meet Charged Device Model JS-002-2014 standard.

Easy Device Alignment

A single down-looking color HD camera simplifies locating DUT pins.  The included joystick enables easy navigation during the point-and-click 2-point alignment procedure.  Automatic Z measurement simplifies the process.

Flexible testing

Custom designed movement hardware allows for high density testing. The contact first design approach allows testing on device and wafer with the pitch between pads as small as 25um.  The larger style charge plate and increased X-Y movement also allows for modules up to 125x125mm to be tested.

JEDEC, ESDA and AEC Compliant

Using the Legacy style head the Scorpion offers, as an option, CDM Discharge heads for meeting current JEDEC, ESDA and AEC specifications.

Maestro Software

Scorpion is operated by GTS' Maestro software, which is the same universal software that runs all GTS testers.

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Scorpion Specifications

Large Test Area

  • 5 in. x 5 in. (12.7 cm x12.7 cm)


Motion System

  • X/Y axis - min. step size .001” with .00025” accuracy

(x,y axis - min. step size 25.4μm with 6μm accuracy)

  • z axis - vertical travel to 1.5” with .00025” accuracy

(z axis - vertical travel to 38.1mm with 6μm accuracy)


Test Voltage Range

  • ±75 V to ±1500 V in 1V steps


Humidity Range

  • 10-80%, non-condensing



  • 25” (w) x 33” (l) x 54.5” (h)

  • 64cm (w) x 84cm (l) x 138.5cm (h)



  • 323 lbs. (147kg)


Power Requirement

  • 120-240 VAC 10A 50/60 Hz



  • internal pump


Compressed Dry Air or Dry Nitrogen

  • 0.05 scfm at 60 psi max

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Scorpion CDM

Contact First CDM

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